MA Rangoonwala Awards

The M.A. Rangoonwala award is a tribute by the VM Art Gallery in recognition and honor of an individual artist who has displayed consistent and exemplary creativity of the arts, and has made major achievements or significant contributions to the visual contemporary arts by developing their practice and exploring new directions in their work. Nominees are invited to summit their portfolios from around the country in all disciplines of Fine Arts. The selection process for the successful recipient for this award is through a jury (panel of jurors selected by the Visual Arts Committee review the candidate’s portfolio spanning over a minimum of five years,) from which the artist can be short listed for this prestigious award in any of the following disciplines of Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics and Installation art.

The first M.A. Rangoonwala Award was given to Jamil Baloch in 2005 in the discipline of Sculpture; Jamil is originally from Quetta in Balochistan and graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore. He has been part of the teaching faculty of the college and has achieved significant recognition as an emerging artist. He has been awarded many prizes and his works have been shown at international venues. Jamil consistently evolved as an artist with his experimental works and techniques in both sculpture painting and drawing. V.M’s mission is to include advocacy along with continuing to recognize out standing artists of the country.