The Rangoonwala Trust through its project of the V.M Art Gallery has actively been supporting Pakistani art since establishing a gallery in 1987 and since recently the contemporary art projects in the country quiet frequently.
    With globalizing trends, and Art Fairs the Gallery has set its standards to compete with the new wave of artistic profiles, both through emerging, or mid-career artists.
    The gallery is committed and devoted to the professional development of Pakistani artists, offering uninhibited artistic exploration of ideas, discourses and new trends in contemporary art and its practices. The Gallery offers a strong level of administrative and practical support.

    VM Art Gallery has been a venue for artists for the past many years, ideas, and images that have expanded the scope of cultural and artistic experiences.

    V.M. recognizes the evolving demographics of South East Asian art, and such diversification is embraced through artworks, workshops and residency programming as well as gallery administration. V.M strives continuously to invite the participation of new voices with strong concepts. The V.M.Art Gallery’s major activities revolve around emerging talent, operating as a springboard for young artists to launch their careers as they graduate from the various art institutions around the country as well as those who are mainstream; to support their capabilities and potential to rise high within the art scene. We are also looking at promoting senior Pakistani artists with a high level of performance in recent years and who have been doing cutting edge shows/installations; with a creative depth of content and concept; this will be a another platform provided to them to reach the international buyers.

    The Gallery has played host to various high profile exhibitions through its collaborative programs with international organizations, foreign missions, galleries and various institutions; it continues to seek and explore both traditional and contemporary genres of artistic creativity. V.M. is recognized as a dynamic space for contemporary art in Pakistan it has also institutionalized the task of preserving art collections and the task of actively engaging in the development and progression of the local art scene.

    V.M Art Gallery is a project of a Trust, thus it is not a recipient body, nor can it take sponsorships. The V.M.Art Gallery and the Trust work diligently in its promotion and collaborative ventures in spite of this drawback. The Rangoonwala Trust & V.M.Art Gallery are committed in strengthening the level of art education, through enhancements via art scholarships, workshops and seminars, film shows etc, where as other galleries are ventures strictly following a commercial trend. Thus we are unique in our approach towards the art in the country, offering more by way of collaborative projects and funding towards the arts.

    The V.M. Art Gallery can proudly say that it provides the best value to our clients (artists) we are very friendly and provide the highest encouragement to the younger talent and groups.