The Rangoonwala Trust was founded by the late Mr. Mohammad Aly Rangoonwala. It started with imparting vocational training to women at the Zuleikhabai V.M. Gany Rangoonwala Community Center in 1971.

Playing a prominent role in the health and education sector of Karachi as a Community based institution; its role was and has also been one of striving to be a caring and a committed provider of educational services to the Pakistani community and region, as well as a center for educational, cultural excellence and economic development.

Arts and crafts has always been a significant part of any culture and society around the world and artists are integral to it’s well being, creativity, diversity as well as innovations of any community; artists are people who make a contribution not only to the world’s cultural heritage but also to their country.

Their works can be delightful, amusing, reflective, yet challenging our perceptions at the same time. As integral members of society, we need to help them develop and implement new opportunities that increase artistic activities in any community, thus the Rangoonwala Trust took the initiative as prominent members of the business community for such an endeavor in the form of an art gallery.

In 1987, within the Rangoonwala Community Centre, a space was designated and the VM Art Gallery was launched. Under the reigns of an able Gallery Director and facilitator, of this new Art venue and through the support of the Trust, the V.M.Art Gallery initiated taking its first amateur steps towards a long arduous journey, building an artistic space for the Pakistani society. The VM breathed in a feeling of opportunity and creative diversity, becoming a driving force within the small yet competitive artistic community over the years ,which has led up to the many successes the VM Art Gallery has since enjoyed.

V.M.Art Gallery is not just an ordinary art gallery; it is a non profit art gallery which is a vibrant and intimate art space, it has visions beyond a normal commercial art gallery. The gallery being a project of the Rangoonwala Trust is supported and overseen by a Visual Arts Committee comprising of Artists, Art Critics and Art Educationists. The Trustees of the Rangoonwala Trust, who as avid admirers of art especially from the Sub-continent are ready to facilitate and provide their input in enhancing community living, encouraging art by presenting a rich array of cultural diversity to the Gallery and to the Centre.

As Managing Trustees and governing body of the Visual Arts Committee, their role is vital in promoting the artist community the reliance and avenues into progression. Also establishing a strict criteria to ensure merit based opportunities; available for both established mainstream artists and emerging talent alike. Via a system of high level of standards, the Gallery and its governing body make sure; the artists are compelled to bring this forth in their body of works.

V.M Art Gallery has been instrumental in achieving great heights, since its very first exhibition, the gallery has laid precedent of optimism and immense pride in hosting the country’s Old Masters as its inaugural exhibition to some significant exhibitions from national to international level. The initial years saw the emergence of Pakistani art in a new light within the gallery walls. V.M’s ultimate mission has been; promoting the younger breed of artists who being talented yet have neither the means nor the access to break into the art community .These being mostly fresh graduates in art, are given the opportunity of show casing their creativity. The gallery follows an “Open door policy” and by this method the young unknown artists have gained tremendously, who would not have otherwise.

VM Art Gallery explores significant aspects of current and historical art within a local, national and international context; a kaleidoscope of artwork through collaborated efforts has since evolved VM into one of the leading art galleries of Pakistan, over the years. Artists regard VM as a gallery of repute, prestige, and consider it as a leading “alternative” space for showcasing contemporary art.