Management Profile

Visual Arts Committee

The V.M. Art Gallery is overseen by a Visual Arts Committee comprising of Artists, Art Critics and Educationists.  The Trustees of ZVMGRT—who as avid admirers of Pakistani and International art, facilitate and are always ready to give their input in enhancing community living encouraging art by presenting a rich array of cultural diversity to the Gallery and the Centre. As Trustees and  Chairman of the Visual Arts Committee their role is vital in giving the artist community the reliance and avenues into progression. The need for such a body deemed necessary in establishing strict criteria to ensure merit based opportunity for both established and younger artists alike. Via this system a high level of standard is maintained by the artist in their body of works.

Riffat Alvi - Gallery Director / Curator

Riffat Alvi is a seasoned Painter and artist of great repute; she graduated from Karachi School of Art in Fine Arts in 1973. She has been actively working in her field and is the only artist in the country, who works with the earth medium. Her Knowledge and vast experience in both the field of painting and especially the devotion and management of running an art gallery has  brought in professionalism setting uncompromising standards to gallery management; a priority under her leadership.

She has many exhibitions to her credit, a distinguished resume of both national and international shows. Riffat Alvi has been Gallery Director and the driving force behind V.M.Art Gallery since its inception in 1987 to date. Her constant strive to achieve and keep up with global trends in the field of Fine arts has pushed the V.M.Art Gallery to great heights.

Faraz Siddiqui –Technical support
Faraz provides the technical support for the V.M.Art Gallery keeping up to date with technological trends that support the arts. The Gallery provides in-house designing for cards and posters etc. Also facilities are constantly being upgraded to help and support artists especially those practicing New Media Art.


The V.M.Art Gallery is supported by a very capable staff that is trained to handle administrative and logistical support to the artists. You will find everyone at V.M as very warm and friendly.