VM Art Scholarships

    The Rangoonwala Trust via its project; the VM Art Gallery creates opportunities for students of final year art, (thesis) to benefit from a scholarship program set up by the Trust. In 2002, this program was initiated through a committee comprising of a number of senior artists, art critics and educationistsfor the VM Art Education Scholarship Awards.

    Various issues of students were taken into account, one particularly highlighted was; the difficulty most students of art in Pakistan face, when acquiring quality material for their thesis. As art materials are quite expensive in the country and there is a great shortage of funds for most students; they are unable to meet these needs financially and duly drop out of college or mostly their projects are inferior in quality due to the materials used. This particular issue was focused and it was decided after a consensus by the committee to involve various Heads of the art colleges and schools in profiling successful deserving candidates; candidates who were creative and hardworking but unable to afford expenses towards their thesis.

    Through these art institutions / colleges in Karachi, two (2) candidates are nominated respectively each year and recommendations are made to the V.M. Art Gallery‘s Visual Arts Committee, who in turn, upon careful inspection and jury of portfolios/interviews, (scrutinizing certain criteria), give their recommendations for a single deserving finalist from each of the institutes.

    A cheque of Pak Rs 50,000/- is awarded to the selected successful candidates in a ceremony. This amount is disbursed by the Rangoonwala Trust to the selected student via his or her school/college who in turn gives the amount to them in stages over the course of the thesis period; purchase materials and contribute towards their projects.

    The V.M.Art VM Art Education Scholarship Awards have been successfully given for the past eight years, by such encouragement; most emerging artists have excelled and received merits and some have even graduated with distinctions and honor. VM Art Gallery is always in the fore-front and as a future project/ exhibition, hope to show case those Scholarship recipients who have excelled as emerging artists over five years and more in the 1st Scholarship Awardees Exhibition, an event already in the pipeline.