VM Perspective

Summing up the miles since 1987 it has had many rewarding moments for me and the V.M. Art Gallery, as an artist & curator I have had the privilege of closely viewing stimulating, inspiring and at times unique bodies of works displayed in the gallery. Over the years these varied works of art have been from the traditional to the most contemporary, from Old masters paintings, senior painters and sculptors, new wave of contemporary 3-D installations to the current New Media Art: digital works and films to some of the most cutting edge work. All those works on display by a cross-section of artists has been really illuminating, to think that the initial concept and vision by the Rangoonwala Trust for envisioning a visual art venue for the local artists to elevate themselves from, has really been a commendable, though interesting journey, crossing many pre-conceived taboos along the way. From a thought born out of a philanthropic project for local art and promotion of art education, the emergence of V.M. Art Gallery on 22nd June 1987 was and still is a great contribution to the arts and cultural scene of the country. Galleries are meant to play significant roles in educating the public, in how to see and appreciate various forms of art displayed; it is an attempt to perpetuate the arts. Art aficionados, far or near, visit art galleries to enhance their knowledge or obtain works that they find interesting both aesthetically and worthwhile from an investment point of view. Young emerging artists can exhibit their work for feedback and revitalize their adroitness.through these Art galleries and art exhibits play a vital role in art appreciation and provide a unique perfection of art. An artist’s proficiency can be easily judged in these galleries. The practice of showcasing works of art by the artist has undergone a tremendous and significant change in recent times in Pakistan as well like the rest of the world, and so has it in art galleries; it has also undergone many changes to accommodate the new trends and practices, and I am proud to say that the V.M. Art Gallery has been in the fore-front of these changes, constantly evolving and contributing to the new trends in contemporary art practices in Pakistani art. The V.M. Art Gallery’s website is a window into the gallery’s illustrious career; for the new visitor to explore the many faceted exhibitions displayed over the years and be abreast with the current happenings as well. Our website shall further enhance the gallery’s reputation as Pakistan’s leading art gallery and help boost its standing in the international arena.