Forms of Existence

10th December 2021 - 28th December 2021
VM Art Gallery is pleased to present Forms of Existence, a presentation of works by Rabia Zuberi from VM Art Gallery’s permanent collection. This exhibition showcases a curated selection of sculptural works from Rabia Zuberi’s various series, such as, Inner feelings, Beauty of Human Form, Drapery Series, Quest for Peace and Human Existence, produced throughout her art career. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Zuberi’s work is a narration of changing socio-political circumstances. Her areas of exploration include the relationship of a mother and child, realities and uncertainties of migration, importance of a dupatta in the Indo-Islamic culture and pursuit of peace amidst misery and chaos. Zuberi’s work also looks at the human form in depth. The elements of investigation are delicacy of texture, rhythmic beauty of posture, continuity of line and weight.