Our Space

VM Art Gallery‘s display area is versatile and divided into three spaces: Gallery A, B and C. The spaces are on split levels catering to varied exhibition areas simultaneously. White walls and grey stone floor tiles offer a neutral background suited for the display of both traditional and contemporary art.


Air conditioning and adjustable track lighting is available in all three Galleries. The wall sizes in each gallery are variable, allowing for versatile displays. Each gallery is also fitted with surveillance cameras, multiple electricity outlets, and an audio system. A selection of pedestals and freestanding walls of variable dimensions is also available for use. All usable walls are fitted with a hooking system for hanging artworks.

The gallery is equipped with two bathroom units, two movable benches, and a seating area near the reception desk.

Services Offered

  • Communication facilities include WiFi, an in house public address system and background music.
  • Printing of exhibition invitation cards, banners, promotional materials.
  • Framing at cost
  • Display
  • Backup generator system
  • Refreshments via the Community Center’s onsite cafeteria


  • TOA Wall Ceiling Speaker Model No. BS- 1130 (10 speakers in gallery space)
  • TOA Mixer Amplifier Model No A – 2120
  • TOA Volume Controller Model No AT – 303
  • Shure Wireless Mic Model No pG-3


All three galleries are fitted with an adjustable track lighting system with two options for track lights in the following quantities:

  • Sixty-one 8W LED Warm White lights
  • Twenty-nine 35W LED White lights

Applicant Details

Names Of Participating Artists And The Curator

Exhibition Detail

Preferred gallery exhibition space (check all that apply)

Please note that this is at the final discretion of the VM Art Gallery Committee.

Will the work be for sale?

The Gallery receives a commission on all sales, percentage is determined once the proposal is accepted.

Are you interested in conducting any public programs e.g. artist talks, workshops?

Curatorial Statement (Max 200 Words)