Riffat Alvi

Riffat Alvi is a Karachi-based artist, curator and educator. Having graduated from the Karachi School of Arts in 1973, her art practise spans over a period of four decades. With an aim to bring international art and artists to Karachi and promote emerging artists, Alvi has served as the director of the VM Art Gallery from its inception in 1987 up until 2018. Producing work in a variety of mediums, Alvi is internationally renowned for her work in ceramics and use of earth pigment technique that she discovered in Africa. Most of her work has been created using natural pigments, clay and twigs, which she sourced from all over Pakistan. Alvi’s work has been showcased at distinguished institutions, embassies and galleries in Pakistan, as well as abroad such as, in Germany, UK, Italy France, Iran, Nepal and Zimbabwe.