Shazia Zuberi

Shazia Zuberi has been an active clay artist since the late 90s. Schooled in the United states, Pennsylvania, she did her Bachelor of Arts in economics with a minor in studio arts from the Allegheny College. Zuberi has done her Masters from SOAS, UK in Gender Studies. Zuberi has over the years developed a language in art that reflects the natural, organic form – paying a tribute to geology and landscape. Her work aims to tell a story by documenting nature in her work through which she safeguards the purity and essence of clay, her chosen medium. Zuberi’s work is heavily dependent on the use of natural oxides and techniques that complement the natural world and pay a tribute to our environment. Both her clays and glazes are handmade. Recipes/formulae, all original, have been developed over time through extensive experimentation.