Please read the instructions carefully before applying

Overview of application and selection process

  1. VM art gallery is scheduled to present its 18th Emerging Talent Exhibition in January 2023. Art thesis students 2021-2022 from universities across Pakistan are eligible to apply. Please note that those who have applied before are NOT eligible to apply again.
  2. Each student must complete the Emerging Talent Application Form below with all the necessary attachments requested. Deadline to submit application is NOVEMBER 1st,2022. If selected artworks must arrive at the gallery no later than DECEMBER 29th, 2022.
  3. All artworks submitted for the exhibition MUST be the applicants own creation.
  4. Artworks selected for the 18th Emerging Talent Exhibition must not be sold or committed to any other art gallery and the photographs of these artworks should not be shared with galleries either. If an applicant’s thesis work has already been sold or committed elsewhere prior to VM Art Gallery’s selection, the artist must agree to creating new work for VM Art Gallery under the same framework of their thesis project.
  5. All the selected fresh graduates must send their artworks collectively and in accordance with gallery guidelines of packaging. VM Art Gallery will send selected artists a Packaging & Delivery document.
  6. Artwork price cannot be more than Rs. 100,000/-. Gallery reserves the right to amend the prices if appropriate.
  7. A 25% commission shall be charged by the VM Art Gallery for any artwork(s) sold. The artist’s share is paid by a cross cheque to the artist in the name of the artist, so please make sure you have a bank account in the same name as the one supplied for the show. If you do not then let the gallery know if there is change. The payment is cleared in two to three working weeks after the conclusion of the exhibition or as when the gallery receives payment from the buyer.
  8. The artist shall courier the artwork(s) at their expense to VM Art Gallery, Karachi.
  9. VM Art Gallery shall not pick any artwork(s) from any place like airport, railway station etc. All works must be delivered to VM Art Gallery.
    1. The artist shall bear the cost of transportation of artworks to the gallery
    2. The VM Art Gallery at its expense will return all unsold artworks of the participating artists to their respective institutions outside of Hyderabad and Karachi.
  10. Please note that if two or more works have been selected, the gallery retains the final call to edit the final display based on availability of space.

    Emerging Talent Application Form
    Please Upload The Following To Complete Your Application:
    In a single PDF please attach a description of your thesis research (200 words max) along with images of the artworks and with complete documentation (Artist Name, Title, Medium, Size and Date/Year). Please also include a copy of your school/college/university admit card in the pdf.
    Separately, please attach images (JPEGS or PNG) of thesis artworks for consideration. Images must be of high resolution (300 dpi).
    For any video submissions please attach an mp4 format