Applicant Details
    Names of Participating Artists and the Curator
    In case a curator is not identified by the applicant, VM Art Gallery will become the defacto curator of the exhibition.
    Exhibition Details
    Are you interested in conducting any public programs e.g. artist talks, workshops?

    Curatorial Statement
    This should include your idea for the exhibition, the themes you are exploring, and the audience you are targeting. If this is a group exhibition, please explain the curatorial link between the artists. If this is a solo exhibition, please describe which aspect of the artist’s practice which will be highlighted.
    Documentation of Work

    Please provide images of all the artworks to be included in the show. If images are unavailable, please provide images of previous works made by the artists in the show. Images should be submitted in a pdf format with complete documentation including artist name, title of work, year, medium and dimensions for each individual image.

    Please upload video works to vimeo or youtube and include the links in the pdf with the password where necessary.

    If this is a group exhibition please ensure that documentation is included for each artist exhibiting.

    All documentation must be clearly labeled and compiled in a single pdf along with the video links. Please note that applications will not be complete without documentation.

    Artist Bio
    Please attach an additional document with short bios (max 100 words) for each of the artists in the exhibition, and the curator if applicable. Include recent gallery shows and/or Artist CV.

    I, the undersigned, have completed all the information in this application to the best of my knowledge.

    I understand that this form is an expression of interest only and will be assessed by VM Art Gallery for inclusion into VM Art Gallery's exhibition program. The gallery will inform the applicant only if the proposal is accepted. VM Art Gallery is not obliged to provide justifications for its decisions.