Laurence Savary

Laurence graduated in international business and technology management in France. As a MBA student, she visited Pakistan to analyse the market for artist materials and first met Riffat Alvi at VM Art Gallery in 1989. Her business career developed in market analysis, business intelligence, procurement, business development and corporate strategy. She first conducted assignments in Asia, US, and Europe, then settled in France and South Africa. She started photography in 2011 to share Cape beauty (botany, human hair, cultural events..) exhibiting in public places (e.g. churches, schools, libraries,..) and invited artists to inspire from her photographs to express their own arts (e.g. poetry, dance, fashion design..) during workshops and multi-dimensional art events. Since 2011, she has organised more than 50 exhibitions in South Africa (Western and Eastern Cape) and overseas (Switzerland, Malawi, Pakistan), with publics ranging from primary schools, autistic students, to adults, artists, and old age home residents. She is now on a quest to better understand Africa where she lived for 25 years (Johannesburg, Cape Town). Recently she visited Malawi, and now she develops text and language focus as she designs a global app to facilitate encounters in more than 20 African and international languages.