Scenic Route

19th May 2022 - 6th June 2022

Scenic Route, a selection of landscape paintings from VM Art Gallery’s permanent collection. Featuring a diverse cohort of artists, the show encompasses artworks from all around the world. Participating artists include Albert Sheldon Pennoyer, Ghulam Rasul, Anna Molka Ahmed, U Moe Htat Kyaw, Ghulam Mustafa, Muriel Yvonne McRoquee Hausser, Maahdi, Zaman Baloch, C.W. Jefferys, Mubarak Husain, Wahab Jaffer, R.M. Taylor, Thomas G. Greene, Peti, Lawrence Arthur Colley Panton, Carlo Tay and Ross Nelwig.

This exhibition sets forth varied approaches, interpretations and styles of nature and landscape through the years. With some of the paintings being almost a century-old, the evolution of landscape painting across borders and decades can be witnessed in the show. From vibrant colours to melancholic hues and a variety of textures, viewers are invited to embark upon the scenic route.