Who is an Artist?

12th March 2022 - 1st April 2022

VM Art Gallery presents the fourth edition of Champa And Other Intellectuals titled as Who is an Artist?, curated by Emaan Mahmud. The show features works by Noor Unnahar, Sakshi Kumar, Safwan Sabzwari, Syed Areeb Tariq, Hafsa Ashfaque, Ali Reza Dossal, Marium M Habib, Misha Japanwala, Ashir Bhatti, Amber Arifeen, Rabia Ali, Ammara Jabbar, Marjan Baniasadi, Anushka Rustomji and Jahanzeb Safder Khawaja.

Champa is an art collector who curates art shows and writes blogs. Her latest exhibition, also known as a social experiment, asks a very pressing question, “who is an artist?”
Option A - Someone with a foreign MFA
Option B - Anyone who can create and /or act out strange things as long as it’s in a gallery
Option C - Anyone who does anything creative (by creative we mean borderline useless, with no real economic value in the real world)

Come face to face with all the options mentioned above and decide for yourself.

Disclaimer by the curator - This practice is purely satirical. Using the actions of original fictional characters, I explore the contemporary Pakistani art world, while also questioning its cultural, financial and social limitations. This show will be a part of an ongoing series in an attempt to shed some light to the neoliberal waves affecting the consumption of art.